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Artistic Director and Choreographer

Annamaura Silverblatt was born in Bologna Italy in 1945. She came to the U.S. in 1961 where she studied ballet with Don Farnworth and modern dance with Martha Graham.  She received her Master’s degree in Performance Choreography from UCLA .  She has performed with Dance Theater Seattle Company, Ballet South in Memphis Tennessee, Sarah Levi-Tanai’s Inbal Dance Company in Israel and toured Italy and Germany with the Renaissance Dance Company of Los Angeles. Since moving to Providence in 1987 she has performed extensively in the New England area. She was artist in residence at Brown University for over 20 years, assisting Julie Strandberg, chair of the dance department in teaching performance choreography.  In 1975 she was honored to be chosen Choreographer of the Year for the Southern States. Her piece “Images”  was selected one of twelve to be performed at the opening of 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. In 2015 she presented a new work ‘Metamorphosis” in the Northeast Choreographer’s Festival, produced by Fusionworks and featuring Nancy Reed as a soloist.  In 2016 she realized a lifelong dream of creating her own dance company with the formation of Balliamo Dance Collective.

photo by nikki lee

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